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Popcorn Friday


February 28
March 28

Popcorn Fridays
are a little thing we do at Litchfield as a treat for students.
Teachers and Staff have 'Popcorn Awards' which they hand out during a set time to 'College and Career Ready' LMS Students that can be redeemed on 'Popcorn Friday'.
How does this work?
 * The PTA has use of a Popcorn Machine.
 * Volunteers arrive 2 + 3 hours before the end of the day and they 'pop' and 'bag'  the popcorn.
 * 3:00 pm - Volunteers with popcorn are located at each Exit so students can quickly redeem their Popcorn Award before they go to their buses, cars.
 * Those who didn't get a Popcorn Award may purchase a bag at this time with all money going to the PTA.


If you would like to be on a list of Possibly Available Volunteers please email me.
The kids move by swiftly but it's amazing what Smiles & Popcorn can do for the spirit...
The kids' and the volunteers'.  
Thank you so much!