Firestone High School Shadow Program

Opportunity for Students 'Entering a Program'
at Firestone High School


Programs that allow Shadowing:
IB, Information Technology (IT), Project Lead the Way (PLTW),
Visual Performing Arts (VPA)

Simply call Firestone High School and ask for Mrs. Hill.
She is one of Firestone's amazing secretaries.
She will gather information about the 8th grader including what PROGRAM they will enter in Fall of 2014-2015.
FHS counselors will pair an interested 8th grader with a Firestone student who is in that PROGRAM.  If the 8th grader 'knows a student' they wish to shadow? This is possible 'only' if the FHS student is in the 8th grader's chosen PROGRAM. 

When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only
(unless of course something special is going on in the building)

Important Note:
ALL Shadowing must be completed on or before January 31, 2014.

Mrs. Regina Hill
Firestone High School
333 Rampart Avenue
Akron, OH

* Sincere thanks to Ms. Schumacher at Firestone High School for sharing all of the above information and to the Litchfield Alum/Current Firestone Parents who directed me to Ms. Schumacher *