2015 Meet & Greet

Will you be a Litchfield Argonaut Family in the Fall?

. . . or in 2016, in 2017?  We hope to see you on Thursday.


ALL Incoming Students and their Families are invited to Litchfield Middle School on May 7th, 2015 for a Meet & Greet from 6:00-7:00pm.


Students and Families who attend will have the opportunity to do some simple but very important things . . .

  1. step inside their future school
  2. listen to a few words from their soon-to-be Principal, Mrs. Dyan Floyd
  3. meet our teachers and staff who students will find to be just like those they've known 'for so long' at their elementary school. People who are 'Kind' and 'Passionate' about Education and Our Kids. . . (who sometimes give a tiny bit more homework ☺️)

Most parents find the transition to Middle School for our children to be a stressful one. It can feel like Kindergarten all over again but with 'bigger kids'. That being said, Last Year at our Meet & Greet you could almost FEEL the relief in the room, the smiles on the faces of kids and parents alike, even a good dose of excitement. The relief comes once you step in the door. No matter how much information you have about our school (and our Argo Pride) there is nothing like this event to help you take that big, deep breath and TRUST that your child is in good hands . . .

THEN you can go on to have a Great Summer!

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