Message from a Parent

It is going to be an exciting and NEW school year for Litchfield students.
A couple of things shared below may be more on the 'fluffy' side to some while important to others, we understand, try to bear with us and thank you for your patience. 

There is a good 'feeling' among staff members and teachers with regard to the IB curriculum.
Some changing of the way the teachers have always 'done things' and they are excited.
A phrase that I admit I do not have a 'handle' on yet but I already like it?
'Team Teaching'.
Anything that even 'sounds' like Teachers Putting Their Heads Together with regard to educating children is not just good but right.
So exciting.

As parents we like the 'IDEA' of IB yet there is a bit of confusion that we can't seem to get past. I think some of what IB brings to students, at least in the beginning, will be noticed at the 'dinner table' if you will, a student telling about some new way their teacher is going to teach about a specific part of World History maybe?  I say dig away when they get home... Ask them what it's all about, what things do they think are different, are IB?
Mrs. Floyd and the teachers will discuss IB at the Open House and earlier at the Orientation For New Students but I think it is just too hard to explain in a general way and that true understanding will slowly begin once teachers have made clear to their classes what their goals are and in those first few weeks of school.  The bottom of this page you'll find the IB Middle Years Programme Link. There is an incredible amount of information to read and videos to view and I am certain it will bring a smile to your face and you will say to yourself that it sounds wonderful. Somehow I expect you will still not quite 'get' what is going to be different.  Teachers have been going through training since last year and spending a huge amount of time preparing. Since the opportunity to become an IB School was jumped at by Mrs. Floyd it has been full steam ahead. The teaching techniques and changes are going to make Litchfield an even better place for Learning AND Growing and if I may be so bold to add?
Learning and Growing For ALL...

For returning Litchfield students and parents who have questions and concerns about students being challenged among other schedule concerns?
Let's say we have a student who regularly scores high in Math who also happens to be in Band.
With a set number of class periods to offer Band and the various Math Classes?
returning Litchfield students will find that they seem to magically share schedules with others who are in their Math class and who also happen to be in Band... Just as in previous years.

For this school year there WILL BE recess.

New Staff
LMS has a new Assistant Principal
who will be working with Mrs. Floyd and
Mr. Wilson (assistant principal)... I simply forgot today to get factual info in the office but through some sneaky channels I followed over break I can say that 'she' is coming to Litchfield from another APS school and there has been extreme sadness among the community she is leaving. While we certainly don't want anyone to be sad, there is nothing better than having an addition to your school who has a wonderful reputation and is beloved... more info when available.

Some of our students will see a familiar face in the building if they attended King Elementary School.  Mrs. Jacqueline Miller is now a Litchfield staff member.  She will be missed at King and will be an awesome addition to our middle school.

(an earlier version of this post included the name of a 2nd teacher as having joined the Litchfield teaching staff... that appears to have been a mistake. Please accept my sincere apology for any problems this may have caused, in particular if there are any disappointed students who looked forward to the listed elementary school teacher being a part of their school day again)