Crimestoppers Program & 'OUR' Officer Kappler

ALL middle schools and high schools in Akron, Ohio have a police officer on site, we at Litchfield have Officer Forrest Kappler.
A Police Officer being present in the building can be unsettling, we all watch the news, we all understand.
Those who frequent the building have a much easier time, they get to see Officer Kappler do his job during an ordinary school day.  He shows sincere concern for our children, cares about their futures, he wears many hats while in the building and he adds to the ‘Good’ being done there.

Seeing the news story posted below reminded me of a Sesame Street song from many, many years ago, the one about the ‘People in Your Neighborhood’.
That is how this news should be viewed, our children should know the ‘People in their Neighborhood’, what their specific job is and that they are one of many who are there to help.
Did you know Officer Kappler was in the building before reading this today?
Did you know his name before today?
Does your student know his name?
We should talk to our kids about this news.
Remind them that they should not be concerned to share important information.
There will be posters around the school soon to remind them…

Litchfield Middle School is THEIR SCHOOL.
Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Meeker, and Mr. Wilson and all of the amazing staff members are there for our children… Our maintenance staff is there doing so many things every day and night and weekend for our children.  Our lunch room staff works very hard every day to get our children fed breakfast and lunch and on time and with a smile and a nudge to eat healthier…
‘OUR’ Officer Kappler, who we all hope and pray never has to handle anything of newsworthy proportion, is there for our children every day, working with our Principal and Vice Principals, sharing the same goals and helping in any way he can.

                … and in case anyone wonders, he smiles, quite a bit!

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