Congratulations Mr. Whited!

Congratulations to Mr. Jefferson Whited
Litchfield Middle School's Building TEACHER OF THE YEAR

. . . and a WONDERFUL ONE!

He gives so much to his students in the classroom and even more of himself and his precious time are given to our kids 'outside' of his classes and after school hours.

He has received grants for his students to take part in various activities including The Soap Box Derby and the Planning/redo of the Courtyard at LMS . . . He was the Coach for our Girl's City Champs Basketball Team and he organizes the Litchfield Ski Club every year . As Litchfield's Gateway to Technology teacher, Mr. Whited accompanies his students on various excursions like the Firestone High School Middle School Robotics Competitions each year and the Genius Project this year. Our teachers give so much to our children during these important and sometimes difficult years between elementary and high school. We are grateful for every one of them, but, today we shout about Mr. Whited . . .
He has monitored countless 'lunch periods' and 'recess basketball games' and every day the 'presence' he brings to our school hallway considering his classroom is across from the School Office in a very busy spot during class changes, he is, simply stated, what Fred M. Rogers would call 'a helper'.
Tell your kids to say Congratulations to him before the year comes to an end or, even better - Give him a 'Thank You'.

Side Note:
Many posts to our Facebook Page grab the attention of our followers, but, never has one been quite as popular as our Congratulations post for Mr. Whited.
So far it has been viewed by over 2500 people.
Thank You so very much Litchfield Community :)