Firestone HS PLTW Cardboard Boat Race Day

There were students in cardboard boats and students 'out' of boats and 'in' the water.
Principals, Teachers and School Board members in boats and the most important
thing?  Everyone had fun.

Many Thanks to Firestone's PLTW director Mr. Spak and his students for hosting once again.

BIG Thank You to Mr. Jefferson Whited for his dedication to Litchfield's GTT students and the GTT program... Mr. Whited sees familiar faces at this event each year due to the fact that many of his students apply and are accepted into the PLTW Program at Firestone. 

... and a special 'Thank You' to Litchfield's Principal, Mrs. Dyan Floyd, for always being Litchfield's #1 Cheerleader even when that means getting in a cardboard boat held together by duct tape.

Click LINK below for Video of Mr. Whited AND MRS. FLOYD in their Paddle-Fest

. . . More photos soon . . . AND VIDEO!

Mrs. Floyd and Mr. Whited  

Mrs. Floyd and Mr. Whited  

WEDNESDAY April 1, 2015

Mr. Whited and a group of 8th Grade students will head to FHS again this year... Parents are welcome to attend this event...  Especially if you need some laughs because it is FUN.

See Schedule below for APPROXIMATE time for your student... We stress APPROXIMATE because we would say to come EARLY just in case things are moving along swiftly...

Apologies for the poor quality image and 'yes', the participating schools' Principals DO take part in this event... :)