8th Grade Year End

* NEW information for 8th Grade students/families will be shared on this page *

It's that time of year already.
Time for a few special events for our 8th Grade Students.  The most important message to get out to the kids is that 'everyone' wants them to have fun! That said, a word or two about the Dance - Last year's dance saw some students arrive with a group of friends, most came to the dance by themselves, and some brought a classmate that they considered a 'date' and they ALL had a blast. Some girls wore 'fancy' dresses and high heels, there were vests with ties, some wore fun dresses with converse, dress shirts with khakis, a 'dress up' with their own flair. Whether a student likes to *Dance* or not, it doesn't matter, it is a fun time.  Encourage your student to go, they won't regret it and neither will you.  :)

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the Dance & the Picnic!
Please contact Missy Garchar by May 11th if you think you are available & thank you in advance.       
missy@neo.rr.com or 330-338-7272

. . . PICNIC . . . PICNIC . . . PICNIC . . . PICNIC . . . PICNIC . . .
Last Names beginning with A-E please bring Veggies
F-J  Fruit   K-O  Water   P-T  Cookies/Dessert   U-Z  Chips