Homage to the Office Workers

When you step into the office at Litchfield chances are you will be greeted first by a young man or young woman who seems much too young to be an APS employee. The Office Workers at LMS are a very important part of the 'Team' and though never overlooked by the staff they may not be on the 'Parent Radar Screen'. The Office Workers are students who choose to give up their Study Hall to volunteer in one of the 3 offices:
Main Office:
Mrs. Floyd, Principal
Mrs. Shaughnessy, Secretary
Mrs. Calhoun, Secretary
2nd Floor Office:
Mrs. Meeker, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Fritz, Counselor
1st Floor Office:
Mr. Wilson, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Sturm, Counselor

* Parent permissions given to share photo

There are often more students wanting to help than there are positions to be filled but for those that get the chance?  We hope it's a rewarding experience. Middle School Students generally don't have many opportunities to have any sort of 'job' outside of their home. Many have done things like babysitting and shoveling snow and mowing lawns (and hopefully helping out at home a bunch!) but it's not often they get the chance to do anything quite like being an Office Worker at their age. 
When a parent comes in to pick up a student early for a doctor appointment or something of the sort?  An Office Worker will be sent with a note to your child's classroom to inform the teacher. We shouldn't forget that things we don't 'think a thing of' as adults? our children have never done before... 'Things' that may even make them nervous... Knocking on the door of a classroom full of 30 or more students, students whose eyes will immediately go to the door when it's opened and a teacher who of course does not want to be interrupted who the Office Worker may know or not. These things are 'no big deal' to us but to our kids these small tasks are big steps into maturity. They are big steps for the students and, again, a big help to the staff.
So... The next time you have a reason to step into the office?
If you see a face behind the desk that you are sure belongs to a student?
Help them along... 
Give them a chance to say 'Hello' and 'Can I help you?'...
Give them a chance to turn around and get Mrs. Shaughnessy's or Mrs. Calhoun's attention for you... 
Everything that goes on at Litchfield is for the benefit of the students and that includes the 'EXPERIENCE' the students gain from being an Office Worker.
Help make it a good one...
 ~ thank you ~