Letter from a Parent re: Scheduling Issues Fall 2013

Many students have had to be patient and deal with schedule changes and errors this year. First time LMS parents have been flustered and experienced parents have been annoyed. I’d like to take a moment and casually share some info parent to parent

The PTA Meeting was last night. Three teachers, Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Meeker were in attendance. Mrs. Floyd took a moment to take the blame for the ‘Scheduling’ confusion and explained some changes that took place since last year.
Mrs. Floyd has everyone’s respect (and then some) and I am not comfortable with just leaving this at her feet at a PTA meeting and ending it.
Some simple facts that not all are aware of made this school year a much more stressful start for everyone and I think if we are all aware it may help some who have been frazzled... That is the goal of this message, to help, so I hope it does.


* BOTH Counselors who have been at LMS for years retired at the end of last year.

* We have 2 new Counselors, however, the 2nd was not brought in to our school until very shortly before the first day of classes.

* ‘Scheduling’ is a full time job that takes all Summer and 2 full time counselors. This would be a fact during an ‘ordinary’ scheduling process, this is not an ordinary school year however.

* Mrs. Floyd, for the benefit of our children and our school, implemented new schedule requirements this year. (New Pre IB Master class requirements. This is a ‘WOOHOO” thing)

I was in the building numerous times before the first day of classes and since and can say that Mrs. Floyd ‘and’ Mrs. Meeker have been quite literally in the building until the wee hours working on schedules many days. This in addition to our counselors catching up and being bombarded by parents at the same time (I made the phone calls too… I bombarded… They understand our concerns…)

The PTA meeting last night, Tuesday Sept. 10, did not end until 8:00pm and Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Meeker started working on schedules again in the office at that time.

As a parent I simply want to ask all who may still have a problem to continue to ‘try’ and be patient and to those who are ‘all set’? Thank you for your patience and please note, again, that this has been a very special beginning to a very special year here…
Exciting and new things are happening now ‘and’ on the horizon so with some changes there were some hiccups. 

I’d like to add, if I may, that both Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Meeker are parents of young children. I left my children at home and would like to toss out the fact that they left their children at home as well... To be with Litchfield Middle School Parents.  Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Meeker, a Language Arts teacher, our new Art Teacher, and our new Technology teacher were all at the PTA Meeting. Mrs. Floyd attempts to be at every meeting and when unavailable? someone attends in her place… She wants parent input, she needs our help, she wants to help us, help our children and she wants us to be informed...

Our new Assistant Principals, Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Meeker seem to have the sweetest group of 6th graders ever (my opinion) and the 7th graders, while a bit noisy (again, my opinion)?  They are great.  The 8th grade?  I admit, I’m partial to them. There were teachers begging to have them as students again this year because of their academic focus among other things, so, the 6th and 7th graders have some big shoes to fill but I’m sure they can do it. The new Assistants have everything that Mrs. Floyd does as an administrator and it appears to me that they didn't have to work very hard to get respect from students. Our kids are off to a good year... 

I was very pleased with Litchfield 2 years ago under our previous principal.
 I was thrilled with Mrs. Floyd’s first year last year and now? 
While the Assistant Principals are taking care of ‘everything’ with our students they are  giving Mrs. Floyd the time to take the Academics so sky high that I believe our kids are going to ‘feel it’... 
The floating. 

Litchfield Middle School will be a model for all middle schools in the district.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this…

… Susan

There are many things that PTA Members know and 8th Grade parents know just because we’ve been here before... all of us are more than happy to help if we can. 
Questions or Concerns that you think I may be able to help with?
Please feel free to contact me via my email below or phone.

8th Grade Parents: 

Ms. Susan D. Weiss
Self-Proclaimed LMS Volunteer Coordinator

Dr. Mark C. Vopat
Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Youngstown State University