Madame Barnum's French Class

This Week in Madame Barnum's 7th & 8th Grade Classes

Students took part in a 'Blind Taste Test' in which they had to be the first to identify the food in French, using their vocabulary words . . . ALL French students learned about the difference between American chocolate and Belgian chocolate in their classes this week, so, every student took part in the Chocolate Taste Test to see if they could tell the difference between the two different chocolates . . .

Madame Barnum said it was " a Fun Day!!"

6th Grade Recognition

February 2, 2018
Congratulations to ALL 6th Grade Students

The students this year have accomplished so much, there were 81 students on the Merit or Honor Roll this past term, that is a very large group. Mrs. Floyd mentioned that she is very fond of this new group of Argos as did other teachers... There is nothing better than happy & kind & hard working students to make happy teachers, the perfect match!


APS Athlete of the Month is an ARGO


Mykel, who is on the Litchfield Wresting Team, is the Akron Public School's Athlete of the Month!
So wonderful to see an Argo recognized for their hard work, we're proud, proud, proud of him.
. . . and thank you so very much to the APS Head of Athletics, Mr. Vassalotti, for coming over to our building to meet with Mykel . . .


Building Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our Building Teacher of the Year

Miss Moga
Science Teacher Extraordinaire

Litchfield's 7th and 8th Grade students are very lucky to have Miss Moga as their teacher, we hope she knows how much she means to the Argo Family.  Please be sure to Congratulate her and/or say Thank You when you see her :)


Interim Report Pick Up


Thursday . . . February 22, 2018
Interim Pick Up
3:30pm - 7:00pm

We will find a new item on our student report cards (first shared on report cards mailed in early Feb. 18).
                IB GRADES
there will be information meetings for parents on Interim Night to explain what this means and to answer questions you may have.
NOTE:  these IB Grades are 'in addition' to the traditional grades that will continue to be on report cards.   

Litchfield Middle School Ambassadors

Litchfield Middle School

. . . and here are your Litchfield Ambassadors!

When Mrs. Floyd joined the Litchfield family she started something new, Student Ambassadors. These students get an opportunity to step out of their everyday roles as 'students' as they stand with Mrs. Floyd and other staff members helping with many things throughout the school year.
examples: Argo New Student Orientation, visiting elementary schools with Mrs. Floyd to share their LMS experiences and much much more.

Mrs. Nickras - Teacher of Music, Choir Director, Drama Club Coordinator


for Litchfield Middle School’s DRAMA CLUB presentation of:
🌏 👽 No Signs of Intelligent Life 👽 🌏
“If you think you’ve suffered too many awkward moments or been in the dark in conversations, just think how poor, innocent aliens feel! Hungry to fit in, (a little too hungry at times!) they do and say things that we humans aren't allowed to.
Join in the laughter as these extraterrestrials meet all kinds of humans. Will these hapless aliens be able to figure out the daily human rituals? The aliens have the knowledge to increase food production, create alternative energies, and achieve world peace. Are Earthlings the intelligent life they seek to bestow these gifts? More important, could Earthlings help the aliens get home again?!”

*text above from Eldridge Publishing Co. website

Mark Your Calendars
Tuesday November 15th, 2016

Our Drama Club will present:
"Where There's A Will, There's A Murder"

When ten distant relatives learn that each of them is about to inherit a million dollars, wheels begin to turn and plots hatch. If someone doesn't make it through the stormy weekend ahead, their share will be divided equally among the others. It doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that less is more. As bodies pile up, the laughs come fast and furiously in this ‘whodunnit’ that proves that Where There’s a Will, There’s a Murder.



<  <  <  CLICK for LMS Student Info Instagram Account

 . . . . . . . .the following play information and dates are from 2015

The Date Is Set!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 21st

The Litchfield Drama Club brings a Musical to the Argo Stage. The one and only public performance will be held on May 21st at 6:00pm.

 Tickets are $1 for students and seniors and $2 for adults.


The Return of the Glass Slipper
Composed by George L.O. Strid and Mary Donnelly

Click To Find Us:   Instagram + Facebook


Winter Concert

Dec. 18, 2013

Choir, Band and Strings
including a special finale in which all of our talented students will perform together.



"Fifteen Reasons Not to be in a Play"
by Alan Haehnel

December 6, 2013
Litchfield Middle School

Free Admission
* Donations always accepted *

a special performance is planned for students during the day


This is a play about not being in a play, ironically expressed through a hilarious series of monologues, duets, and ensemble scenes. From early traumas involving a glory-seeking elementary school teacher to possible disturbances in the global climate, 15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play keeps the audience guessing just what scenario will be next.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Litchfield Middle School

Catalog Sales end _____TBA______
Shop Online until _____TBA______


Enter GROUP NUMBER:  990086911

click Continue & YOU ARE READY TO SHOP!

(in the past before making purchases online we would enter student names, this is no longer necessary, we only need to enter the Group Number shared above . . . THANK YOU)

*    40% of every sale comes back to our school    *

Students/Families may also REGISTER TO SELL

enter the LMS Group # 990086911
your/your Student's name
a birthdate
. . . from there you can have emails sent directly from Yankee Candle to whomever you wish with all info they need.


Family Night

2016 LMS Family Night
November 17, 2016

 . . . details will be shared here as soon as possible
thank you

 . . . 2014 LMS Famliy Night info below

*click* for NIHF STEM High School Website

*click* for NIHF STEM High School Website

Guest Speaker:
Mr. Larry Johnson Jr.
NIHF STEM High School


All Call Message 12.1.16
8th Grade Students who are still interested in joining staff and students on the 2017 Philadelphia, Penn. Trip Please Contact Mrs. Cline or Mrs. Miller as soon as possible

November 18th, 2017
Friday . . . 1st Payment Due: $100

2017 8th Grade Summer Trip
October 5, 2016

Please join staff and other families for a chance to meet with a representative from Traveling Classrooms. You will hear details of the Summer 2017 trip and have the opportunity to ask questions.

*below you can see a few photos of past trips

In the Fall a flier will come home with details including cost, dates, etc.
A meeting will be scheduled for families to meet and hear from the Owner of Traveling Classrooms, the tour company that LMS has used for many years for our trips.

Litchfield Middle School staff members chaperone this trip and the students always have a great time :)