We at Litchfield Middle School welcome volunteers...

One overlooked opportunity to spend time in the building is during Lunch.
Lunch is a bit of an unstructured time for volunteers that does not need to be scheduled.
Volunteers usually prefer to have a specific task and we truly understand this but we wish and hope
that those who have the time (be it once/month or more) will consider coming in to see if it
is a 'good fit'.  All you need to do is bring your heart, your personality, your HUMOR and on those
days that seem hectic for the students it may be a help if you can walk around pushing a wheeled
garbage can to help them have more time to eat and cut the time needed to clean up.
See a student reading a book? curious about it?  ASK
See someone eating alone? the most simple thing - a smile.
You can introduce yourself, the students are always a bit confused when they find out you are not getting
paid and yet there you are spending time with them... It is such a positive thing when it clicks for the
kids that you must 'care or something'.
One of the regular volunteers made a point of not telling any students who her daughter was who
attended Litchfield, it seemed like a smart thing to do in the beginning, what would happen if the
students didn't react well to her/the mom, would they then dislike the daughter/student? Well, this has
turned out to be an almost ridiculous concern. A parent in the lunch room is not a disciplinarian,
he/she creates a more relaxed atmosphere for the students by just being in the room and we hope
you will consider coming in to give it a try.
While this is not something that needs to be scheduled we do need to have one of our regular volunteers
meet you the 1st day just to help you get to know what the basic rules are for the kids and how
things are set up to keep everything running smoothly including what to do with certain questions from
students which will happen, they see an adult and they ask their question assuming you know everything.

Thank You So Very Much
If you would like more information or would like to pick a day for your 1st visit?
Send an email to me and I will get back to you asap.
Susan Weiss


Period 5
8th Grade Lunch
Period 6
6th Grade Lunch

Period 7
7th Grade Lunch

* During a Regular Scheduled Day *