Dudes & Donuts
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Dudes & Donuts

mark your calendars!

Thursday  September 22, 2016
1st Dudes & Donuts of the School Year

'Dudes & Donuts' is exactly what it sounds like.   

This special event is hosted by your PTA at various times during the school year.

We all believe that it truly 'Takes A Village' to raise a child and this is a day when we ask the 'Men of Litchfield' to join their student for a short visit, have a cup of coffee, juice, grab a donut.

Our children need to have 'many' role models and this is a day when we give the men in their lives a chance to 'be there'.  This is a very laid back event that the kids always enjoy so you are encouraged to attend. 

Please keep in mind, this isn't a 'dad' event... A neighbor, a coach, an uncle, an adult cousin, any 'Dude' your child would like to ask to join them is wonderful...

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